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Important Dates
Dec. 24, 2017  Winter Break - No School
Dec. 31, 2017  Winter Break - No School
Jan. 14, 2018   MLK Day - No School except CHS I, II, III, IV and AP Chinese
MLK Day - No School except CHS I, II, III, IV and AP Chinese  (09:00 am-12:50 pm)
Feb. 18, 2018  Presidents Day Holiday - No School
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Winter Break - No School
Winter Break - No School
Looking for a Computer science teacher:

CACC Chinese School is currently looking for a Computer programming teacher, with strong background in teaching Java language. The teacher must be fluent in English, have good classroom management skills and love to teach. Student group is 6-8th grade students. May include 9th grade students if possible.

If interested, please send resume to
AMC 10/12 A/B Test Announcement

AMC 10 and AMC 12 are 25-question, 75-minute, multiple choice math contests for high school students.
AMC 10/12 A Contest
Date: Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018
Location: Amador Valley High School
AMC 10/12 B Contest
Date: Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018
Location: Amador Valley High School

Time and Classroom: To be announced (should be right after school)
Registration fee: $5 to be collected on site on each testing day

Registration deadline: Jan 1st, 2018
Students must take the test at your home school if it is provided there.

*** It is encouraged that all students to take the AMC 10 or AMC 12 test on both A date and B date. The higher score will be counted.
To register please go to
Please email to for any questions.

月圆饼圆人团圆 -- CACC中秋烧烤晚会真好玩
编辑: 故乡人
摄影: DC Wei, Frank Huang, Yan Luo, Hui Lu, Charles Wang
月圆饼圆人团圆,三谷亲友聚欢颜。2017年9月23日下午6:00, 数百华人呼朋唤友齐聚在Pleasanton Hart Middle School, 参加CACC (Chinese American Cooperation Council) 一年一度的中秋BBQ晚会。 两长排桌子上摆满了各家带来的美食, CACC还特意准备了许多烤肉, 香肠, 炒菜, 炒饭, 炒面, 面包,葡萄, 西瓜 等等, 另外每家还发有月饼。真是香飘十里,令人胃口大开。大家品美食,赏明月,展歌喉,看魔术,玩游戏,抽大奖,度过了一个美好的夜晚
让我们一起回顾这次有趣好玩的中秋节活动。 >>
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CACC新闻写作班同学在《世界日报》儿童版发表的文章 -- 吴悦怡、刘家宁、邓磊、巴艾莎、韩百合、程美怡、邓佳怡
2015 CACC Chinese School Assembly Pictures -- CACC
2014 CACC Martial Arts (Aikido) Classes -- Brett Jackson
CACC 万圣节活动 Trick-or-Treat -- 杨福玮 - CACC 新闻班
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