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Important Dates
Feb. 19, 2017  Presidents Day Holiday - No School/2017 CACC Gala
Mar. 12, 2017   Daylight Saving Time Begins
CS Math class Workshop  (10:00 am-11:30 am)
Mar. 18, 2017  2017 CACC Carnival
Mar. 19, 2017  CS Academic Competition  (09:00 am-12:50 pm)
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Presidents Day Holiday - No School/2017 CACC Gala
3rd CACC annual Chess Tournament
The 3rd annual Chess Tournament is here again as a part of CACC Carnival program.
There will be 3 levels for the tournament, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. All students currently in chess classes are encouraged to sign up to equivalent level for the tournament. Any students with current USCF rating should sign up for the advanced level.
Our chess teacher, Andrew Strommen, will make some re-arrangement at check in to make sure all students are competing at his/her proper level.
There will be a nice participation gift to each participant. Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 places in each level. If you have signed up the chess tournament, but couldn't come on the game day, please let us know ASAP for proper pairing. Email to
Space is limited due to the facility.
Registration Deadline --- March 10, 2017, Friday
Registration Fee --- 5 (Pay to office during school time)
Tournament type: --- Swiss - this way, each player will be able to play 4 games minimum.
Game time --- 20min/player (40min/game), advanced level students will need to use clock during the game. All other levels will decide if a clock is needed at the tournament.
Tournament Date: 3/18/17, Saturday (on Carnival Day)
Check-in time: 12:00pm-12:15pm
Tournament time: 12:30pm -5pm
Location: Room: P9 (Amador Valley High School)
Registration Link is here:
2017 CACC Gala Flyer
Please click the image above to link 2017 Gala flyer
CACC 2016中秋BBQ晚会活动有趣又好玩

编辑: 故乡人
摄影: Weixiong Chen, Stanley Wu, Charles Wang
"月到中秋分外明,情到深处格外浓", CACC一年一度的中秋BBQ晚会再次为东湾华人带来了浓浓的节日气氛。2016年9月24日下午4点开始,数百位来自东湾地区的华人和其他族裔的新老朋友欢聚一堂,品美食,尝月饼,打乒乓,猜谜语,看魔术,玩游戏,赏明月,等等,玩得不亦乐乎,度过了一个愉快的中秋节。
让我们一起回顾这次有趣好玩的中秋节活动。 >>
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