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Apr. 26, 2015   College Admissions Seminar
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Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievements in the 2014-2015 National Math Olympiad Contests. (Scored 20 points and above)

CACC Chinese School Division E Team (Level 2):

1st Place: Joey Huang (Perfect Scorer)
2nd Place: Jiakang Chen, Ellie Huang
3rd Place: Evan Chin
4th Place: Cory Zhao, Jonathan Cheng
5th Place: Andrew Zhou

CACC Chinese School Division MA Team (Level 3):

1st Place: Esha Bhattacharya
2nd Place: Andy Shu
3rd Place: Chris Leung
4th Place: Lisa Liong, Sichen Zhong

CACC Chinese School Division MB Team (Level 4):

1st Place: Oliver Jiang
2nd Place: Kevin Li, David Xue, Richard Wu, Parth Gupta, Eustyn Trinh
3rd Place: Roy Lin

CACC 2015 Summer Camping

CACC is organizing two family camping events this summer in Lake Tahoe. It will be a great time to plan your summer with your families, kids and friends at this beautiful campsite in Sierra Nevada high country.
If you are interested in joining this fun event, please register by March 25, 2015. There will be limited sites available so first come first serve.
We plan to book 10 sites (up to 20 families) for the proposed dates. Each family can only register for one event, so please pick the event you prefer. However, exact dates and number of sites are not known until we make the reservation around end of Mar or early April.
Event Date: *June 19-21 2015, *August 7-9 2015
Location: Camp Shelly at Lake Tahoe
Fee: *$50.00 per family (2 nights)
Site: *10 sites per event (each site can hold two families)
*-Further confirmation on dates, number sites available and cost will be announced on April.

Register Here

News & Events
2014 CACC Martial Arts (Aikido) Classes -- Brett Jackson
CACC 万圣节活动 Trick-or-Treat -- 杨福玮 - CACC 新闻班
CACC 2014金秋BBQ晚会 -- 杨福玮 - CACC 新闻班
“青春激荡,放飞希望” CACC 中文学校 运动员们 在2014 北加州华体会运动大会上 捷报频传 -- Charles Wang - CACC
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