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CACC Chinese School New School Year Registration and New Class Information
Video and photos are available for CACC 2015 Gala and Carnival‏
Important Dates
Aug. 30, 2015  First Day of School
Sep. 6, 2015  Labor Day Holiday - No School
Sep. 13, 2015  College Application Seminar
Sep. 20, 2015  IvyMax Education Seminar
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First Day of School
Welcome Back

First day of school -
this coming Sunday 8/30
Every Sunday 9am - 12:50pm

1155 Santa Rita Rd. Pleasanton, CA 94566

8/30 第一天上课,我的教室在哪里?请点击这里的链线:
First day of school 8/30 - Find your class information (time, location&map)
教室分配 Classroom assignment and class time
学校教室地图 CACC CS Class Map
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yet, go online register.
CACC 夏季活动真精彩

      夏季炎炎, CACC活动连连. 6月初和8月初, CACC在South Lake Tahoe先后举办了两次野外露营活动(camping), 约40多个家庭共100多人参加, 老老少少爬山, 坐水上Taxi, 钓鱼, 野餐, 排球,乒乓球比赛, 打牌等, 热热闹闹. 各种活动让人流连忘返.各种美食,尤其是现炸的油饼和刚烤出来的新鲜鱼味道十分鲜美, 现在想起来还回味无穷.

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CACC Chinese School Year 2015-2016 Registration
New or Changed Class Information:
  1. Stanford Chinese Level 4
  2. AMC 10 (美国数学竞赛 10) - permission only
  3. Adult Badminton (成人羽毛球)
  4. Adult Chinese Beginning Level (for Non-Native Chinese Speakers)
  5. Adult Chinese Dance (成人舞蹈)
  6. Adult U-Jam (成人U-Jam)
  7. Adult Martial Arts [Aikido]
  8. Adult Chinese Folk Dance performance class and non-performance class (成人形体民族舞非表演班) and (成人形体民族舞表演班)
  9. Please note: Both Children and Adult Badminton (儿童羽毛球) and (成人羽毛球) - will be at 9am in large gym - no impact from CYO basketball season.
  10. No longer have: Adult Aerobic Dancing (成人健美操) AA-101
There are new school textbook policies
News & Events
2015 CACC Chinese School Assembly Pictures -- CACC
2014 CACC Martial Arts (Aikido) Classes -- Brett Jackson
CACC 万圣节活动 Trick-or-Treat -- 杨福玮 - CACC 新闻班
CACC 2014金秋BBQ晚会 -- 杨福玮 - CACC 新闻班
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