CACC Announcement
Update on CACC Board of Directors and CS Staff 2016 - 2017
2015-2016 National Math Olympiad Contests Results
CACC Math Class Workshop PPT (3/13/2016)
Important Dates
Nov. 6, 2016  Daylight Saving Time Ends
Nov. 20, 2016  Thanksgiving Break - No School
Nov. 27, 2016  Thanksgiving Break - No School
Dec. 25, 2016  Winter Break--NO SCHOOL
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Math Competition Registration
  1. Berkeley Mini Math Tournament (BmMT) on 11/13/16, for Middle School students and Advanced Elementary School students. Registration Here. Deadline is 10/20/16.
  2. AMC 10/12 A on 2/7/17 at Harvest Park Middle School. Registration on CACC website. Deadline is 11/30/16.
  3. AMC 10/12 B on 2/15/17 at Amador Valley High School. Registration on CACC website. Deadline is 11/30/16.
  4. Mathkangaroo Registration Update: Currently, Mathkangaroo CACC Chinese School site registration is full. In order to benefit more to our CACC school students, we have created a Mathkangaroo waiting list. SEE Link Here:
     We will request to open up more spaces according to the waiting list some time in Nov. Will let you know when we will send out the request to Mathkangaroo organizer.
  5. AMC 8 Registration Payment to office during office hours (9:30am-12:30pm). Last day to send in this payment is 10/30/16. Otherwise, your regsitration to AMC 8 will be dropped out.
Welcome Back

First day of school -
this coming Sunday 8/21
Every Sunday 9am - 12:50pm

1155 Santa Rita Rd. Pleasanton, CA 94566

8/21 第一天上课,我的教室在哪里?请点击这里的链线:
First day of school 8/21 - Find your class information (time, location&map)
教室分配 Classroom assignment and class time
学校教室地图 CACC CS Class Map
If you still haven't registered
yet, go online register.
News & Events
CACC新闻写作班同学在《世界日报》儿童版发表的文章 -- 吴悦怡、刘家宁、邓磊、巴艾莎、韩百合、程美怡、邓佳怡
2015 CACC Chinese School Assembly Pictures -- CACC
2014 CACC Martial Arts (Aikido) Classes -- Brett Jackson
CACC 万圣节活动 Trick-or-Treat -- 杨福玮 - CACC 新闻班
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