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Important Dates
May. 29, 2016  Memorial Day Holiday - No School
Jun. 5, 2016  Last Day of School
Jun. 30, 2016 Last day of early registration tuition
------ New School Year ------
Aug. 21, 2016  First Day of School
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Memorial Day Holiday - No School
CACC Chinese School Year 2016-2017 Registration Information
First day of school: 8/21/2016; Last day of school: 5/21/2017
Check HERE for 2016-2017 School Year Calendar
Check Here  for 2016-2017 Class Registration
Math Program Registration Procedure and Timeline is stated here
We are opening following new classes for next school year:
  1. Chinese as Second Language (CSL) level 5
  2. Stanford Chinese (SC) Level 5
  3. Adult Chinese Level 2 (So, we will have both level 1 and level 2, two classes)
  4. Pre-AIME class (a higher level AMC 10 class)
*** Please pay attention to some class time change ***

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievements in the 2015-2016 National Math Olympiad Contests.

CACC Chinese School Division E Team (Level 2):

1st Place: Kevin Zhu; Frank Xiao; Matthew Hong
2nd Place: Kyle Chen
3rd Place: Lillian Zhong; Hope Shanks
4th Place: Kylie Chang
5th Place: Richard Bai; Brian Jeon

CACC Chinese School Division MA Team (Level 3):

1st Place: Evan Chin
2nd Place: Collin Wang
3rd Place: Julian Xiao; Jeffrey Huang
4th Place: Joey Huang
5th Place: Jiakang Chen; Kaden Nguyen

CACC Chinese School Division MB Team (Level 4):

1st Place: Aadi Dutta; Andy Shu
2nd Place: Andrew Lu
3rd Place: Chloe Jeon
4th Place: Philip Liao; Kevin Liu; Jeffrey Tan
5th Place: Arvind Swamynathan

CACC 元宵节晚会: 美食好吃,节目好看,游戏好玩
----- by Charles Wang
位于东湾Pleasanton市的CACC的中文学校创办13年来, 不仅以教学严谨, 教育水平高著称, 还以每年的多次丰富多彩的大型社区活动让人津津乐道。这不, CACC 刚于2月20号成功举办春晚Gala, 紧接着在3月12号又推出元宵节晚会Carnival。由CACC 秘书长Frank担任总导演,得到了CACC 理事会,学校职工,老师,学生,家长,众多义工及赞助商的大力支持。近400人扶老携幼冒着大雨,端着美食前来Amador高中体育馆捧场。室外风雨交加,室内热闹非凡,摩肩接踵,新朋故友互道问候,其乐融融。若用两个字来形容这台晚会,就是:很好。六个字:好吃,好看,好玩。
让我们一起回顾CACC 元宵节晚会。
News & Events
CACC新闻写作班同学在《世界日报》儿童版发表的文章 -- 吴悦怡、刘家宁、邓磊、巴艾莎、韩百合、程美怡、邓佳怡
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CACC 万圣节活动 Trick-or-Treat -- 杨福玮 - CACC 新闻班
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