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2015-2016 National Math Olympiad Contests Results
CACC AMC 8 2015 Award List
Math Competition Workshop PPT (3/6/2016)
Important Dates
Jun. 30, 2016 Last day of early registration tuition
------ New School Year ------
Aug. 21, 2016  First Day of School
Sep. 4, 2016  Labor Day Holiday - No School
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Last Day of School
Assembly 6/5: Congratulations to you all on your achievement 2015-2016

1)   Congratulations to Academic Competition winners! Click link below for Award Winner List: Chinese subject award winner list: click here   Enrichment subject award winner list: click here

2)   Congratulations to "Excellent teacher of the year" award recipients: Ms. Jenny Wang, Ms. Yijuan Zhou and Mr. David Stambuck for the excellent job they have done!

3)  Congratulations to Ms. Liying Wei, Mr. Jianzhong Cai and Mr. Andrew Strommen for receiving "Certificate of Recognition of Ten Years Teaching at CACC Chinese School"!

Mathkangaroo Winners
There are many students from CACC Chinese School won Mathkangaroo rewards, too many to list here. So, we can only select the students who qualify top 3 CA State winners and top 10 places for National winners.

California State Winners:
Abrianna Zhang - 1st Place at level 4
Anthony Li - 3rd Place at level 4

National Winners:
Abrianna Zhang - 1st Place at level 4
Anthony Li - 3rd Place at level 4
Daniel Sergei Kurland - 7th Place at level 4 (tie)
Henry Tsay - 7th Place at level 4 (tie)
Tsun Wang Lam - 10th Place at level 4
Kaden Nguyen - 8th Place at level 5
Kara Tsay - 4th Place at level 6
Derek Xu - 5th Place at level 6
CACC Chinese School Year 2016-2017 Registration Information
First day of school: 8/21/2016; Last day of school: 5/21/2017
Check HERE for 2016-2017 School Year Calendar
Check Here  for 2016-2017 Class Registration
Math Program Registration Procedure and Timeline is stated here
We are opening following new classes for next school year:
  1. Chinese as Second Language (CSL) level 5
  2. Stanford Chinese (SC) Level 5
  3. Adult Chinese Level 2 (So, we will have both level 1 and level 2, two classes)
  4. Pre-AIME class (a higher level AMC 10 class)
  5. Senior English class with very low tuition($60/yr or $80/yr) will add new concept: US citizenship exam prep (老人英文及入籍班)
*** Please pay attention to some class time change ***
News & Events
CACC新闻写作班同学在《世界日报》儿童版发表的文章 -- 吴悦怡、刘家宁、邓磊、巴艾莎、韩百合、程美怡、邓佳怡
2015 CACC Chinese School Assembly Pictures -- CACC
2014 CACC Martial Arts (Aikido) Classes -- Brett Jackson
CACC 万圣节活动 Trick-or-Treat -- 杨福玮 - CACC 新闻班
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