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CACC Chinese School Teachers

        CACC Chinese School has recruited an excellent teacher team from local reputable Colleges, Chinese Schools, International Schools and Enrichment Program School in Bay Area.

        Our Chinese language high school teachers (9th - 12th grade) have California teaching credentials. All of the Chinese language teachers have Bachelor or Master degrees from either China or the States, major from linguistics, Chinese history to Education. They have three to six year beginner, intermediate and advanced Chinese (Mandarin) language teaching experiences in English speaking environment. Many of them are the recipients of Outstanding Teacher Awards in local reputable Chinese Schools. Some of our teachers are certified by National Center for Montessori Education majoring in Early Childhood Development, or with minor in Children Psychology; some have strong Chinese history background or with more than ten years Chinese language and linguistics teaching experience from the universities both in China and the States. In addition, many of our teachers have created theme-oriented curriculum materials periodically and developed efficient methods to improve children’s interest and skill in Chinese language learning; some teachers have many publications on the subjects of Chinese language and linguistics, language pedagogy or student education.

        Our art teachers all have art degrees from renowned art institutes from China like Shanghai Art Academy or Xiamen Art Institute. Some have over 15 years fine art teaching experience for America-born students in the age groups from 3 to 75; while others are the recipients of numerous art award in China and in the States, including the Best Creative Artist Award and other prizes on in mural wool carving, watercolor, relief sculpture and oil painting in China. All teachers have in-depth training and teaching experience in both western and eastern art styles with different tools like crayon, carton, color pencil, pencil sketch, charcoal sketch, watercolor, acrylic, Chinese brush painting, Chinese chorography, graphic Design, and oil painting.

        Our chess teacher comes from renowned Berkeley Chess School that offers chess instruction from elementary through high school to over 5,000 students in over 150 schools throughout Northern California.

        Our dancing teacher was a member of the Dancers Association of China and a principal dance with the Shanghai Dance Drama Institute after graduating from the Shanghai Dance Academy. She was also well known in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore and has performed in France, Germany and Canada. She is a well-rounded dancer with solid techniques. She has won the many Chinese National Choreographic award and starred in many famous dance dramas and TV Serials in China.

        Our martial arts teacher, holds a 4th degree black belt. He has studied under Kawahara Sensei (Canada) and Hendricks Sensei (San Leandro, CA), and apprenticed under Chang Sensei (Singapore), specializing in the teaching of Aikido to children.

With this experienced teaching team, CACC Chinese School is confident to provide the best education in Chinese language and culture to all our students.

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