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CACC Chinese School 2017 - 2018 Class Schedule and Classroom Assignment
Classroom 09:00 AM ~ 09:50 AM 10:00 AM ~ 10:50 AM 11:00 AM ~ 11:50 AM 12:00 PM ~ 12:50 PM

(01/07/2018 - 05/20/2018)

Q105   Computer Programming Java CP-101 Computer Programming Python CP-102

(01/21/2018 - 05/20/2018)

Choir Room The Art of Singing - Spring AST-201 
MPR  Adult Barre Above BarreA-101  
Q202    Introduction to Competitive Speech and Debate SPDEB-101

(01/28/2018 - 05/20/2018)

Large Gym    Children Volleyball Class KV-101

Full Year Programs (08/20/2017 - 05/20/2018)

B-1 Chinese 6th Grade C-601 Chinese 6th Grade C-602
B-2 Chinese 8th Grade C-801 Chinese 8th Grade C-802
B-3 Chinese 5th Grade C-501 Chinese 5th Grade C-502
B-6 Chinese 7th Grade C-701 Chinese 7th Grade C-702
Choir Room  Singing Together ASB-101
Courtyard Tai Chi TC-101 
L-2 Stanford Chinese 6 SC-601 Stanford Chinese 2 SC-202
L-3 Stanford Chinese 3 SC-301 Stanford Chinese 3 SC-302
M-6  Adult Drawing ADW-2-101
Q101 Stanford Chinese 1 SC-101 Chinese 4th Grade C-402
Q103 Chinese 1st Grade C-101 
Q105 Chinese Pre-Kindergarten PK-101 
Q107 Chinese AP Prep CAP-201 Chinese as a Second Language 5 CSL-502
Q110 Chinese Kindergarten K-101 Chinese Kindergarten K-102
Q111 Chinese as a Second Language 2 CSL-201 Chinese as a Second Language 4 CSL-402
Q207 Chinese as a Second Language 1 CSL-101 Chinese as a Second Language 3 CSL-302
Q209 Chinese 3rd Grade C-301 Chinese 1st Grade C-102
Q210 Chinese 4th Grade C-401 Stanford Chinese 4 SC-402
Q211 Chinese 2nd GradeC-201 Chinese 2nd GradeC-202
Q212 Stanford Chinese 5 SC-501 Chinese 3rd Grade C-302
B-7 Mathcounts and AMC 8 MAC-101 AMC 10 AMC-102 AMC 10 AMC-103 AMC Pre-AIME PAIME-101
B-8 Competitive Math III CM-301 Math Olympiads I MO-101 Math Olympiads II MO-202 Math Olympiads I MO-102
Courtyard   Tai Chi TC-102 
J-3 Math Olympiads II MO-201 Math Olympiads III MO-301 Math Olympiads IV MO-401 Math Olympiads III MO-302
J-8 Chess Beginner CB-101 Chess Intermediate CI-101 Chess Intermediate CI-102 Chess Beginner CB-102
L-1  Chess Advanced CA-101 Chess Advanced CA-102 Chess Intermediate CI-103
L-4  Children Choir II KC-201 Children Choir I KC-101 
L-6 Singapore Math III SM-301   
Large Gym Adult Badminton ABD-101 Zumba ZB-101 Zumba ZB-102 Adult Volley Ball VB-101
Large Gym Children Badminton BD-101   
M-6 Drawing III DW-301  Adult Drawing ADW-1-101 Adult Drawing ADW-1-102
MPR Adult Chinese Dance AD-101 Children Dance II _ Intermediate KD-201 Children Dance II _ Intermediate KD-202 Children Dance III _ Advanced KD-301
P-9 Photography I PG-101 Photography II PG-201 Adult Chinese Folk Dance AFD-101 Adult Chinese Folk Dance AFD-102
Q104 Drawing I DW-101 Drawing II DW-202 Drawing II DW-203 Drawing II DW-204
Q106 Senior English & US citizenship exam prep SE-101 Competitive Math I CM-101 Competitive Math II CM-201 Competitive Math IV CM-401
Q108 Drawing II DW-201 Drawing I DW-102 Drawing I DW-103 Drawing I DW-104
Q112  Guzheng II GZ-201 Singapore Math II SM-201 
Q202 Reading Across the Curriculum RAC-101 Middle School Writing/Public Speaking Class MWS-101 Writing for High School & College Prep WHC_101 
Small Gym Adult U-Jam & Pilates AUJ-101 Adult Chinese Folk Performence AFP-101 Children Basketball KB-101 Adult Basketball AB-101
Tennis Court Tennis Intro through Intermediate TN-101 Tennis Intro through Intermediate TN-102 Tennis Intro through Intermediate TN-103 Tennis Advanced TN-201
Wrestling Room  Children Kung Fu KF-101  
Q102 High School Chinese AP APC-101
Q203 High School Chinese I CHS-101
Q204 High School Chinese II CHS-201
Q206 High School Chinese III CHS-301
Q208 High School Chinese IV CHS-401

Half Year Programs (08/20/2017 - 01/07/2018)

Choir Room The Art of Singing 歌唱技巧学习班 AST-101 
  • The school reserves the right to cancel the classes if minimal enrollments do not meet.
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