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        The CACC Chinese School will provide you with a best learning environment. It is you responsibility to keep your learning safe and enjoyable. Please read the guidelines carefully.

  • Be responsible, honest, compassionate, respectful, and self disciplined.
  • NO FOOD NO DRINK (except for water) in the classrooms, buildings and other indoor facilities. Please see the No Food or Drink Agreement on the next page for more details.
  • Make every effort to attend each class on time.
  • Raise your hand before asking question during the class.
  • Obey the instructions provided by on-duty parents.
  • Follow school safety rules and guidance.
  • Keep school properties and equipments in place.
  • Do not touch or use any tools/supplies in the classroom that belong to the Amador Valley High School (AVHS).
  • Do not bring toys or trading cards to school.
  • No running inside the building.

        A first time violation of school guidelines may result in a verbal warning. Repeated violations of these guidelines can lead to an early termination of enrollment and future registration denial.

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