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     The success of CACC Chinese School relies on your participation and involvement. It is everybody's best interest to keep the School SAFE and CLEAN. These guidelines supplement Amador Valley High School's general policies. Please read them carefully.

  • All school notifications are based on the email addresses on our website. It is parent's responsibility to provide up-to-date family contact information such as phone number, home address, email address, etc. in the CACC account.
  • Please follow the traffic signs when entering and leaving the parking lot.
  • Always follow the school traffic guidance and parking rules.
  • Distribution of non-school related meeting notes, activities notes, fliers or advertisements is not allowed on campus.
  • All classes are pre-assigned at registration. After Sep 8, 2017, no transfer will be allowed without the school's permission.
  • NO FOOD NO DRINK (except for water) inside the classrooms, buildings or any other indoor facilities. Please see the No Food or Drink Agreement for more details.
  • Each family is obligated to carry out 2 to 4 hours of school assigned duties per semester. This does not include classroom duty. Classroom duty will be determined according to individual class needs. In order to mark you as present, please sign in and sign out on the duty sheet. It is your responsibility to prearrange your substitute as early as possible if you cannot make it.
    Each family is required to deposit a $40 service fee during class registration. If you miss your assigned duty, this $40 will be deducted from your account (that is to say, a missed school assigned duty will cost you $40). If you perform your assigned duty, this $40 will remain in your account and you can use it for the next year's service deposit.
  • Please silent your cell phone if you are inside the classroom or inside the building.
  • When classes are in session, no parent is allowed inside the classroom, except for the CLASSROOM DUTY PARENT. This rule applies to most Chinese language classes. This rule may or may not apply to enrichment classes, depending on the teacher's preference. Please check with the school for more details. Please stay away from the classrooms and keep the noise level LOW. Except for the first two weeks of the school, parents may visit classrooms only with the school's permission.
  • Please make every effort to let your child attend each class on time.
  • If your child damaged or vandalized school property, you will be liable for replacing or repairing that property.

     Please note: Repeated violations of these guidelines may lead to an early termination of enrollment and future registration denial.

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