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Emergency Procedures

(1). Earthquake

When inside school buildings

  1. DROP, COVER and HOLD ON upon the first indication of an earthquake. Take cover under and hold onto a piece of heavy furniture or stand against an inside wall. Try to avoid glass and falling objects. Stay away from windows and doors. Stay indoors until the shaking stops and you're sure it's safe to exit. (If you are outside: Find a clear spot away from buildings, trees, and power lines, and drop to the ground until the shaking stops).
  2. When the earthquake is over, LEAVE THE BUILDING. Staff, teachers and room duty parents should guide students out of buildings towards the school parking lot. Do not use any elevators.
  3. Check yourself and others for injuries, give first aid where appropriate; call 911 for emergency help. If there is a fire, call 911 or the Pleasanton Fire Department at (925)-454-2361.
  4. The principal and staff should stand guard a safe distance away from the building entrances to see that no one re-enters the buildings.
  5. Staff should warn everybody to avoid touching electrical wires which may have fallen to the ground.
  6. The principal will notify Pleasanton Unified School District and CACC BOD.
  7. Inspect school buildings. If damage is apparent, the principal should determine if the school can return to a normal routine. If class is not resumed, all students will be released to parents/guardians.

(The main source for the above earthquake procedures is from American Red Cross, FEMA, SF Fire Department, SF Chronicle and following website: Nov 17, 2007)

(2). Fire

Within School Buildings

  1. Staff, teachers and duty parents should immediately LEAVE THE BUILDING and guide students/other parents to parking lot. Do not use an elevator.
  2. At the same time, call 911 or Pleasanton Fire Department: (925) 454-2361
  3. Notify principal and Pleasanton Police Department: (925) 931-5122
  4. Ensure that access roads are kept open for emergency vehicles.
  5. Teachers should report missing students to office. Those not found will be reported to fire and law enforcement officials.
  6. The principal should notify the appropriate utility company of breaks or suspected breaks in utility lines or pipes.
  7. The principal will notify the Pleasanton Unified School District and CACC BOD.
  8. Do not allow the return of students or staff members into school buildings until fire department officials declare them safe.
  9. The principal will determine if class will be resumed. If class is not resumed, students will be released to parents/guardians.

Fire Near the School

  1. Notify the principal and the principal will determine the need to implement any action. If the answer is "no action", continue with school routine. Notify the Pleasanton Fire Department (925 -454-2361) to be sure an alarm has been given.
  2. If the fire threatens the school, refer to "Within School Buildings" "1 - 9" above.

(3). Bomb Threat

If a threat is received on telephone by any of school staff:

  1. The person receiving the call should attempt to keep the caller on the telephone as long as possible and alert someone nearby with any possible signal so they can call 911.
  2. The staff who receives the alert should immediately call 911 and tell the operator, "This is (your name) from CACC Chinese School. We are receiving a bomb threat. Our address is 1155 Santa Rita Road, Pleasanton, California"
  3. Notify the school principal. The principal shall determine whether to evacuate the buildings.
  4. Upon a decision to evacuate, staff members should immediately advise all yard duty parents to go to each classroom and execute the evacuation. They should guide all students/parents to the parking lot outside of the school. The entire school should be evacuated.
  5. Notify CACC BOD.
  6. Resume school after the building(s) have been inspected and determined safe by proper authorities.
  7. If class is not resumed, all students will be released to parents/guardians.
If the threat is received by anybody other than school staff, follow items 2 through 7 above.
If notified of a call through the police/sheriff department, follow items 3 through 7 above.
The individual receiving the call should complete a Bomb Threat Report. A written threat should be turned over to the police.

(4). Important Emergency Numbers:
Pleasanton Police Emergency Number: (925)931-5122
Police Non-Emergency Number:(925)931-5100
Pleasanton Fire Department: (925) 454-2361
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