Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievements in the 2017 AMC 8 Contest.

AMC 8 Award List --- CACC Chinese School:

1st Place with Honor Roll: Howard Liu, 5th grade, total score 18
1st Place with Honor Roll: Harry Zhang, 5th grade, total score 18
2nd Place with Honor Roll: Troy Luhman, 8th grade, total score 17
2nd Place with Honor Roll: Shriya Kona, 8th grade, total score 17
3rd Place: Daniel Thinfen, 7th grade, total score 16
Achievement Award: Ricky Hu, 5th grade, total score 15

Amador Math Tournament on Jan 27 winner's list (from CACC Chinese School):
Team 1st Place -- Kaden Nguyen, Julian Xiao, Dennis Chen, and their friend, Ricky Cheng (this is the only middle school team at that tournament)
Kaden Nguyen -- individual 3rd place
Dennis Chen --- individual 6th place
Julian Xiao --- countdown 1st place

Mathkangaroo Winners
There are many students from CACC Chinese School won Mathkangaroo rewards, too many to list here. So, we can only select the students who qualify top 3 CA State winners and top 10 places for National winners.

California State Winners:
Abrianna Zhang - 1st Place at level 4
Anthony Li - 3rd Place at level 4

National Winners:
Abrianna Zhang - 1st Place at level 4
Anthony Li - 3rd Place at level 4
Daniel Sergei Kurland - 7th Place at level 4 (tie)
Henry Tsay - 7th Place at level 4 (tie)
Tsun Wang Lam - 10th Place at level 4
Kaden Nguyen - 8th Place at level 5
Kara Tsay - 4th Place at level 6
Derek Xu - 5th Place at level 6

CACC AMC 8 2015 Award List

Middle School Section:

1st Place: Dennis Zhang
2nd Place: Nicolas Jiang, Nihar Palkonda, Zhaoxi Zhang
3rd Place: Philip Liao

Elementary School Section:

1st Place: Allan E. Zhang
2nd Place: Angelina Wu
3rd Place: Kaden T. Nguyen, Aric Shen

Honor Roll top 5% of National Participants

Nicholas Jiang, Nihar R Palkonda,Dennis Zhang,
Zhaoxi Zhang, Allan E Zhang

Achievement roll, 6th grade or below and score >= 15

Nihar R Palkonda, Allan E. Zhang

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievements in the 2014-2015 National Math Olympiad Contests. (Scored 20 points and above)

MO 101 (Level 1)

1st Place - perfect score: Steve Chung
2nd Place: Jack Chen
3rd Place: Gordon Tam
4th Place: Eric Li

MO 102 (Level 1)

1st Place - perfect score: William Peng
2nd Place: Frank Xiao
3rd Place: Emily Liu
4th Place: Andrew Liu, Jerry Liu, Eric Maland, Hope Shank

MO 202 (Level 2)

1st Place : Jeffrey Huang
2nd Place: Aarush Aitha, Ryan Li
3rd Place: Avery Kuo
4th Place: Anna Guan, Andy Liu, Katherine Shi

CACC Chinese School Division E Team (Level 2):

1st Place: Joey Huang (Perfect Scorer)
2nd Place: Jiakang Chen, Ellie Huang
3rd Place: Evan Chin
4th Place: Cory Zhao, Jonathan Cheng
5th Place: Andrew Zhou

CACC Chinese School Division MA Team (Level 3):

1st Place: Esha Bhattacharya
2nd Place: Andy Shu
3rd Place: Chris Leung
4th Place: Lisa Liong, Sichen Zhong

CACC Chinese School Division MB Team (Level 4):

1st Place: Oliver Jiang
2nd Place: Kevin Li, David Xue, Richard Wu, Parth Gupta, Eustyn Trinh
3rd Place: Roy Lin

2012-2013 Class Tournament Winners
Chess Beginner
CB-101 CB-102
1st place Kevin Wang Daniel Guo
2nd place Michael Zong Tyler Wang
3rd place Skylar Chen Eric Su

Chess Intermediate
CI-101 CI-102
1st place Shannon Yan Kylie Szeto
2nd place Derek Zhang Preston Lo
3rd place Kevin Chen ( tied ) Brandon Yip & Anthony Li

Frequently Asked Questions

Which will provide detailed information about CACC and CACC Chinese School.

Winners of the 8th Chinese Language Bridge Cup Contest
Three CACC Chinese School students have received winning prizes:
Catherine Zhao Winning Prize Poetry Recital (Grade 1-2)
Tommy Zhu Winning Prize Poetry Recital (Grade 6-8)
Richard Li Winning Prize Poetry Recital (Grade 9-12)
The 8th Chinese Language Bridge Cup Contest (第八届汉语桥杯比赛) is one of the biggest contests organized by China Hanban (中国国家汉办) and Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University (旧金山孔子学院). More than 1,800 students have participated in the competitions. (updated 4/28/2012)

2011-2012 Class Tournament Winners
Chess Beginner
CB-101 CB-102
1st place Kevin Yuan Aryan Jain
2nd place Claire Xu Andrew Liu
3rd place Srinivasa Gunda Wesley Ng
4th place Hagan Kwong; Claudia Liu (tied) James Zeng

Chess Intermediate
CI-101 CI-102
1st place Darian Phan Andrew Guo
2nd place Patrick Hu Skylar La
3rd place Roy Mo Anudeep Alam
4th place Naomi Chin Paris Tan; Brian Xiong (tied)

Top three winners of the 2010 AMC8
The first-place winner: Evin Yang
The second-place winner: Grace Peng
The third-place winner: Audrey Yin
They are all current students in our school. Both Evin and Audrey are also students in our Math Olympiad class.
Please join me to congratulate the top three winners, the other participants, their teachers and parents. A job well done! -- (2/20/2011)

Good News!
UC has just approved our Honor Chinese or Chinese IV

Good News!
CACC High School Chinese III has been approved by Pleasanton, Castrol Valley and Dublin School District.

Congratulations! Some chess students from classes CI-101, CI-104 and CA-101 (coach Andrew Strommen) recently won following prizes:
Matthew Chan(CI-104), Mark Zhao(CA-101) and Henry Wang (CI-104) won the 1st place Team Trophy in the Over 700 rating section at the Mission San Jose Elementary April Swiss Tournament help on April 25 2009.
Benjamin Chen(CA-101) won an individual First Place in the 1-3 and 4-6 combined Novice Section at the 34th CalChess State Scholastic Championships. -- May 20, 2009

News from TV contest for Mother's Day
母親節《獻給母親的詩歌》―兒童朗誦電視大賽中,我校学生 毛葉子,李抒涵,葉漢娜,司嘉德 ,解敖云成功进入决赛。在五月三日的决赛中,葉漢娜,司嘉德 荣获优秀奖 (前十名)!获得奖牌、奖金和奖品。 ---Update in May 15, 2009

CACC成功举办第十三届三谷地区中华文化节晚会 -- by Charles Wang

CACC 夏季活动真精彩 -- by Charles Wang

春到三谷百花笑, CACC闹元宵 -- By Charles Wang

      2015年2月21晚, 当"同一首歌"的优美旋律再次回响在剧场舞台, 当两位主持人深情地说出"难忘今宵,难忘这欢乐的情景", 当衣着华丽的演员们, 各位杰出的指导老师和贵宾们走上舞台时, 掌声与鲜花并存, 笑脸与泪花飞扬. 舞台上下祝贺声和欢呼声此起彼伏, 大家都在热烈庆祝CACC 2015 "金羊贺岁"春节晚会在Pleasanton Amador剧场成功举行.600多人见证了这一历史时刻。网上网下好评如潮,赞美声一片。三谷华人欢聚一堂,共同度过了一个美好的夜晚。
More Detail>>

CACC Golden Autumn BBQ Festival
月圆人团圆 --- CACC 2014金秋BBQ晚会
      9月13日下午, 三谷地区约500多人,踊跃参加了CACC 组织 的"CACC 2014 中秋BBQ晚会".
      晚会主要活动包括: BBQ, Potluck, karaoke, 家庭趣味运动会, 乒乓球比赛, 美食评奖, 职业魔术表演,彩绘脸, 猜谜语,月饼品尝, 扑克, 选民注册等等. CACC 准备了美味的主食和BBQ 食物. 通过多次抽奖活动, 发出了大批奖品和纪念品。 魔术表演和各个游戏节目精彩纷呈, 欢声笑语不断。 大家热热闹闹, 开开心心地欢度佳节。 皎洁的月光映照着一张张笑脸,大家 一起度过了一个美好难忘的夜晚。
More Detail>>
Photos Slide Show>>

Slideshow and Video available for CACC 2014 Gala and Carnival

CACC Sends Hope and Donation to Earthquake Victims in Japan

CACC Chinese School quickly came together to raise money and awareness after the 9.0 Japanese earthquake on March 11.

As of today, almost 30 CACC members donated $1,138. This money will be sent by CACC to Japan through the American Red Cross.
Please click here for more detail.

2011 Lantern Festival Community Carnival
2011 Lantern Festival Community Carnival
-- Feb. 20, 2011.

2011 CACC Chinese New Year Gala
2011 CACC Chinese New Year Gala -- Feb. 6, 2011.

Photos of the CACC Lantern Festival Carnival (2/27/10)

CACC Student Council 2nd Holiday Canned Food Drive for Bay area families was a big success! Please see the "Certificate" and "Thank you letter" from Alameda County Community Food Bank below.

Slide Show of the January 24th 2009 Gala

Pictures of Feb. 15th 2009 Lantern Festival

The 5th Tri-Valley Chinese Culture Day

Evening Stage Gala
CACC New Year Gala Finale on the Youtube

Photo Show of 2007 CACC Golden Autumn Potluck & BBQ Party from Sept. 29th

Please check 2006 NCCAF CACC Medal Lists, and Swimming Medal List, Photos Show

The 2006 Spring Olympic Sports and Family Fun Games attracted CACC families and friends. 200 medals were collected by winners and participants. Click and see the Event Photo Show and the Action Photo Show.

Please check 2005 NCCAF CACC medalists.

400 people attended the 2005 CACC Golden Autumn BBQ party. Check the event video and a Thank-you List to volunteers.

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