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CACC Chinese School 2017 - 2018
Registration Information and Policies


School Date and Time

  • Every Sunday 9am - 12:50pm, from 08/20/2017 to 05/20/2018 excluding holidays (please check 2017 - 2018 School Calendar for details)
  • Click here to view the entire schedules for the classes.


Registration Requirements and Policies

  • CACC Chinese School offers online registration at
  • Review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for any questions you might have.
  • For additional questions, please email to
  • Please only use ONE account PER family.
  • Only children, parents, and grandparents LIVING IN the same household are counted as one family. There is a $50 fine for violating this rule.
  • There is a $30 non-refundable registration fee with class registrations per account each school year.
  • A $40 refundable service deposit per account will apply to the initial school registration, and later on when a required yard duty is forfeited. Refer to Frequent Asked Question (FAQ) for Yard Duty details.
  • DO NOT open new account if you cannot access your existing account --- email to for help.
  • Registration for the next school year begins in May (dates will be posted online by the end of April each year).
    • First week: Priority Registration -- Open to all Teachers, Current Room Parents, Current and Retired BOD, CS Staff and PTA Officers
    • Second week: Regular Registration -- Open to all current students
    • Third week: Public Registration -- Open to public
  • Last Dates of online registration
    • 9/8/2017 for High School Chinese (Hard Cut) and AP prep classes (only case by case)
    • 10/31/2017 for all Chinese Language Classes
    • 12/31/2017 for all Enrichment Classes (Children and Adults)

    Registration after these dates requires school staff assistance (come to the office at room Q215 in person or email to

    ***Registration after 9/8/2017, it is encouraged to request a class observe first. No refund will be issued for any class withdrawn after 9/8/2017, even if the registration is done after 9/8/2017.

Registration Payment

***In order for the registration to be considered complete, the tuition must be paid***

Unpaid registrations will be removed after the 14 or 7 days period as following.

  • Before 08/20/2017, tuition must be paid in full within 14 days of class registration.
  • On and after 08/20/2017 (first day of school), tuition must be paid within 7 days of class registration.
  • Tuition PAID before 06/30/2017 is at a discounted rate.
  • Tuition PAID on and after 07/01/2017 is a regular rate.
  • Late registration payment periods:
    • On or before 12/31/2017, full tuition payment for the school year is required
    • Starting from 01/01/2018, 75% tuition payment for each class is required
    • Starting from 03/01/2018, 50% tuition payment for each class is required

Payment Methods

  • Online (Credit Card or PayPal): This is the preferred payment method throughout the school year and your ONLY payment option during summer time when school is closed.
  • Check: You may pay by check (payable to CACC) in the office after school starts, 08/20/2017 to complete your registration.
    • No mailed check to CACC for payment during summer break time. Delayed payment (over 14 days after registration before school starts) due to unable to pay by check in summer will result in losing registered spot. Especially to those popular classes.
    • An email to any office staff for intention for pay will NOT help to hold the spot.

Class Observation

  • It is highly recommended to observe the class prior to registration payment to avoid any class change fee charge, including the loss of early registration discount.
  • Two class try-out or observations are permitted per student per class. A permission slip for class observation is required and can be obtained in school office prior to entering the classroom on any given school day.

Class Change Policies:

Starting on 07/01/2017, you will no longer have access to the discounted tuition. Any class you want to register in, transfer to, or come back to will be at its REGULAR class tuition.

  • Up to 6/30/2017:
    • All classes are offered at their discounted rates.
    • Anyone can switch classes online freely, no penalty, BEFORE payment is made.
    • Balance must be paid off within 14 days after registration is final to guarantee the spot.
    • After the payment is done, class changes can still be made before 6/30/2017. The total tuition amount will be re-calculated. The positive balance (left in account) will be refunded in October 2017 with 5% process fee charge. Please refer to Class Withdrawal and Refund Policy for more details.
  • 7/1/2017 - 9/8/2017:
    • All classes offered are at their regular rates.
    • Any UNPAID classes which were registered before 6/30/2017, tuition will be adjusted to their regular rates.
    • If need to change classes which are registered before 6/30/2017. You must withdraw the class first and then register for the new class. Only regular tuition will be applied.
  • After 9/8/2017 (late registration changes):
    • No refund for class withdraws or class changes resulting a positive balance.
    • Any class withdraw, change or transfer must be handled in office.
    • $20 processing fee for EACH CLASS changed.
    • In addition to the $20 fee, if switching to a class with higher tuition, you will need to pay the difference.
    • There is no refund if switching to a class with a lower tuition resulting in a positive balance.
    • If you have paid for a class before 6/30 and want to switch to another class after 9/8, you will need to pay the difference between the discounted and regular tuition as well as the $20 processing fee for each class change.

Class Withdrawal and Refund Policy

*** Refunds process will START in October ***

*** Refunds for all online payment will be done online UNLESS a check refund is requested by 9/30/2017 ***

*** Refunds for all check payment will be done with a check refund ***

*** All check refund will be done at the end of October, after all online refund is done ***

  • Registration Withdraw and Refund Policy:
    • Class registration withdrawn Before the 1st day of class (by 08/20/2017 12AM), registration payment will be 100% refunded, EXCEPT $30 non-refundable registration fee.
    • On and after the 1st day of class, 08/20/2017, Before 9/8/2017, regardless of your family member attendance on any day of class, there IS a 5% refund processing fee charge in addition to the $30 non-refundable family registration fee.
    • Class withdrawn after 9/8/2017, even if you did not attend any of the classes, there will be no refund allowed.
    • No refunds will be issued for any remaining balance as a result of class changes done after 9/8/2017.
    • Class withdraw refund after (DEADLINE_MDY} will be allowed ONLY when the student has medical reason, not be able to continue attending the class for the rest of the school year proven by a doctor's note. The refund amount will be prorated based on the date provided on the doctor's note. The class drop fee ($20 per class) will be waived. But, there will be a charge of 5% refund processing fee to cover the cost.
    • This medical leave refund does not include the medical reasons from any other family members.
    • Important: - Due to special contract on Tennis Classes, and English Writing and Debate Classes, there is Absolutely no switch to different classes after 9/17/2017. This Includes No Refund even for medical reason as stated above, no exceptions.
  • Online Refund and Check Refund:
    • By default, all payments made through online are refunded through online; all payments made in check are refunded by check.
    • The online refund will be done to the PayPal account OR the credit card which was used for making the payment.
    • It is the family's responsibility to send request to CACC Chinese School by 9/30/2017 or ASAP for a check refund (if the payment was done online), OR to report a credit card issue and request a check refund. The request email address is:
    • Any complications resulting in a loss of money caused by family's PayPal or credit card company change/termination, which was NOT notified to CACC Chinese School by 9/30/2017 or sooner, it is the family's responsibility to resolve this issue with Paypal or own credit card company. CACC Chinese School will not re-issue a refund without a solid proof that the refund money was not received.
  • DO NOT CANCEL your online payment through PayPal or other credit card companies. You will have to pay a $100 penalty to CACC Chinese School to cover fees and work associated with your cancellation. If you fail to pay this penalty, CACC reserves its rights to refuse your future participation and registration in any CACC event or its Chinese School class.

Minimum Age, Class Size , Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • The minimum age of student going to PK class is based on student birthday on or before 09/01/2013.
  • The minimum age for student going to any enrichment class is based on student birthday on or before 09/01/2012.
  • Some classes have even earlier birthday cutoff due to the natural of the class setting. Please refer to specific class description.
  • Class size is decided by the school. The school reserves its rights to change or cancel classes without prior notice. Applicable refunds will be issued under such circumstances.

Teacher Change and Related Refund Policy

  • The school reserves its rights to change teachers without prior notice.
  • Refund policy remains the same, not affected with a teacher change.

Child and Dependent Care Expenses

  • CACC Chinese School is a school based enrichment program. Its tuition expenses are NOT eligible for tax deduction regardless of your work schedule. See detailed info on Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Questions or Concerns:

To begin registration, click here now.

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